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Man builds apartment under a bridge

A plumber from Spain built a tiny apartment under a bridge in Valencia.

This isn’t one of those things that you see every day.¬†Fernando Abellanas, a plumber from Spain, spends his spare time creating what he calls “parasite living”. He finds hidden spaces around public landmarks and turns them into tiny living spaces. His secret little apartment under a bridge has the internet both interested and concerned.

The project in the pictures below is titled “Refugiarse de la ciudad en la propia ciudad”, which translates to “City shelter in the city itself”. Abellanas welded steel square tubing together with some wheels to support his little loft underneath a public roadway. He uses a hand crank to push himself over to a part of the bridge that can’t be reached.

“Parasite” living: a guy makes his own studio under a bridge in Valencia

Sorry to be the party pooper, but… the downside of this thing:

  • It’s probably illegal (trespassing maybe?). If we built one of these in Anderson, SC, the sheriff’s department probably wouldn’t be too happy.
  • I personally wouldn’t trust the supports and/or welds with my life. I would really hate to wake up to falling 15 feet onto my head because a weld fell apart.
  • You probably wouldn’t want to fight vagrants over who gets the awesome apartment under the bridge.
  • You would literally be a troll.

Abellanas stated that he does not expect his project to remain undisturbed. He said that either some curious wanderer will steal or destroy some stuff, or that the authorities will remove it sooner or later.

Watch the video about his custom apartment below:

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