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Chris Taylor Memorial Park Anderson, SC Review

A review from a local dad of probably the best park Anderson, SC has to offer.

Hello and welcome to the first Anderson park review in the blog. Today we’re going to take a look at Chris Taylor Memorial Park. This park is my go-to, I don’t want to spend any money, but my kid needs to stop staring at a screen, getaway.


Located behind the Civic Center off of Martin Luther King Blvd., this park has a little bit of everything. Cookout and party gazebos, a soccer field, a duck pond with a walking path, and a nice big wooden playground. Now this is a good ole fashioned, multiple level, get splinters in your hands, wooden playground. It’s not any of this plastic garbage with rubber padding on the ground to break a fall. It’s just like what I played on in the early 90’s with the shredded mulch that gets literally¬† everywhere.

Not too many of these bad boys left around.

The playground is kept in good repair, except for the slidey handle thingy on rails that normally works for the first week a playground is open before some teenager breaks it. Those things aren’t very fun anyways. The area surrounding the playground is kept in generally good condition. Grass cut, trash picked up, etc..


There are bathrooms located across the soccer field from the playground. The cleanliness of them are pretty much what you’d expect from a public park/ ball field. If anything that requires sitting down needs to happen, I suggest making a quick run to the QT about a mile away and recharging on some Rooster Booster and a hot dog.

Speaking of food, you can’t go wrong with a Little Caesars $5 large pizza on the way to the park. Carb the kids up then wear them down with a bike ride around the duck pond. The ducks at the Chris Taylor Memorial pond have a pretty good temperament. They aren’t the kind that will chase you for looking at them wrong.

Good ducks.

The park is also conveniently located directly across the street from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department so don’t expect any crime or much vagrant activity.

As far as crowds, every-time we go to the park my son has multiple other kids to play with. Saturday looks like the busiest day of the week. We wen’t there on Saturday Oct. 21 and I’d estimate the playground had between 30-40 kids playing on it.

There are plenty of benches and picnic tables for parents to relax on while the kids go wild and get all that energy out. There are several picnic tables within view of the playground to bring your laptop and type some posts up for your blog about Anderson, SC.

I can’t find any information online about how to rent the gazebos for a birthday party. I’m assuming that gazebo usage is probably on a first come, first serve basis.


I’ve never been a fan of websites that tell me how good or bad a park is. I’m more of a go and see it myself type of parent. If you need further evidence that this is probably one of the best parks in Anderson, SC Google ratings has it at a hard 4.4 with 22 reviews:

Final thoughts

You can’t go wrong with¬†Chris Taylor Memorial Park if you want something fun and free to get the kids out of the house. Don’t expect to use this thing though:

Also, I came across this post on the Facebook page of the park. I’m not too sure what to think of it but Sarah needs to calm down:

Check out the official Facebook page here.

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Cody Garrett

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